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Despite being known basically as nothing more than a “camera support,” tripods are a very versatile piece of equipment that that has a myriad of uses from tables and chairs to displays.

Upsilon.Tech has been making tripods for many years and has a highly trained staff that not only ensures that there are no problems during the assembly stage of creating a tripod but truly understand the workings and engineering principles behind them.  Because the experience of our engineers, we’re able to improve on a variety customers’ existing tripod designs, allowing them to perform a multitude of uses.

For example, we had one client that brought us a tripod that he was using as a table.  However, unless there was an equal weight distribution across the platform, the tripod would tip to one side.  The solution was simple.  We created a wide-angle leg which allowed us to lower the center of gravity for the table which meant that it could more easily support uneven weight distributions.

Something interesting to note about tripods is that it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to completely automate the process of manufacturing tripods.  There is a lot of manual work involved.  The reason is that there are lots of small, moving parts, such as the top and bottom heads, the side screw for tightening, the platform etc.  And it’s important that each part intricately fits together to ensure that the tripod functions properly.

Because we make the commitment to take the time to manually assemble each tripod and QC it, we’re also able to provide more service options to clients than many other factories.

For example, many of our clients’ previous suppliers used a silkscreen process to print logos on the parts.  There are two problems with this.  First, the smaller the piece, the more difficult it is to silkscreen.  Second, on high-use pieces, like the legs, sliding in and out each time you use the product, the logo will invariably begin to rub off.

Instead of using a silkscreen method, many of our clients choose to use our laser-etching which creates a permanent logo.  Instead of putting a picture on top of the legs, our laser etching method carves the logo into the leg itself by removing the anodized surface of the tube.

If you’d like to get more out of your tripod product or you’re in need of a contract manufacturer that can make a tripod according to your spec, Upsilon.Tech has the knowledge and experience to bring your product to life.



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