Telescopic Tubing

Below, is basic information about the different shapes and locks for telescoping structure. 


There are six basic pole shapes:

1)  Round,

2)  Stripe-round (fluted),

3)  Half round (off-centered)

4)  Oval,

5)  Single groove

6)  Double grooves


The diameter for stainless steel poles ranges from 2.8mm to 28mm with a thickness ranging from 0.2mm to 0.4mm.

The diameter for aluminum poles ranges from 7mm to 52.2mm with a thickness range of 0.5mm to 1mm.

The table below gives more insight into size options for various pole shapes and configurations.

 RoundS.S/Copper 2.8mm – 28mm0.2 – 0.4mmYesSnap/Cam/Push Button
Alu7mm – 52.2mm0.5 – 1.0mmSnap/Cam/Clutch/Push Button
Stripe RoundAlu9.5mm – 52.2mm0.7 – 1.0mmYesCam/Clutch
RccentricAlu9mm – 24.2mm0.7mmNoopen and lock with simple quater turn
Single GrooveS.S7mm-20mm0.2 – 0.4mmNoNon
Alu7.2mm-28mm0.5 – 1mmNoSnap
Double GroovesS.S7mm-20mm0.2 – 0.4mmNoNon


There are five different kinds of locking structures:

1)  No lock,

2)  Snap lock,

3)  Internal “cam” lock (opens with a quarter turn on pole),

4)  Clutch lock/outer “cam” lock (opens with a quarter turn on lock)

5)  Push button


As for the strength of the locks, snap locks and buckle locks are the strongest and can support 110 lbs/50kgs or more.

The other locks support a bit less weight but can be customized to fit your engineering requirements.

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