Upsilon.Tech Specializes in Small Diameter Metal Tubing

In the early 90’s, Upsilon.Tech became one of the first factories globally to begin manufacturing small diameter stainless steel tubes.

Traditionally, small diameter telescopic tubing was manufactured antennas for TVs, cars, home radios, etc.  For these uses, copper, which is relatively easy to manufacture into small diameter tubing, works great because it’s a fantastic transmitter of radio waves.

At this time, steel tubing was being used primarily in outdoor applications such as construction and for building materials.  In industries where thick, strong, stainless steel tubing was required.

In addition to its high strength to weight ratio and cost-effectiveness, stainless steel tubing can also withstand very high temperatures and is highly resistant to corrosion, making it very hygienic choice the food and medical industries.

However, the problem, was the material differences between copper and stainless steel, which means that the manufacturing process for creating small diameter copper differed drastically from the process for small diameter stainless steel tubing.

In order to create small diameter copper, you melt the copper and pull it through successively a series of small, hollow tubes, in order to create the parts of the telescopic tube.  But, because of stainless steel’s high resistance to heat, this wouldn’t work.  In fact, the tubes themselves are made of hardened steel!

Instead, make small diameter stainless steel tubing, you have repeatedly to send strips of stainless steel sheet across a roller of the desired size.  After successive passes, the roller shapes the stainless steel sheet into a small diameter stainless steel tube of the required size.  Once the desired size is reached, it must be welded shut.

Therefore, the size of your stainless steel tubing is a manufacturing challenge of being able to efficiently scale the process of creating smaller and smaller tubes.

Since the 90’s, Upsilon.Tech has been committed to innovating and improving our processes for creating small diameter stainless steel tubing and can currently, create tubing as small as 0.7in (2.8mm).

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