Upsilon.Tech Stocks 47 Tube Series Combinations


One of the biggest problems with switching suppliers is that the new supplier may not be immediately production capable of matching all the parts on your product.  This is especially true if of most patented products that are designed function is a specific way for a specific purpose.  In general, the more specialized the product, the more difficult to switch suppliers.

However, it often becomes necessary to switch suppliers for a number of reasons ranging from failure to meet deadlines, increases in pricing, culture clashes between your company and your manufacturer and even product quality concerns.

For example, we once had a client, GoGo Stick that had exactly this problem.  They created a telescopic pooper scooper for pets, so that you didn’t have to bend down to clean up after them on a walk.  In addition, the telescopic tube also had a wedge that attached to the end to assist with cleanup on a variety of surfaces.

After strong initial sales, they began experiencing a high number of product returns.  Customers were returning the extendable pooper scooper because after only a few uses, the product would break and no longer be usable.

The first thing our engineers did was to identify the point of failure, which was very easy.  After only a few uses the extendable pooper scooper’s telescopic parts separated into two pieces, with the inner tube just sliding out.  The reason was just as easy to diagnose, there was an improper fitting of the extendable tubing parts.

Because of our years of experience working with a wide array of customers each using both standard and custom telescopic tubing parts, we were able a find piece that was able to perfectly fit the head and handle of the current telescopic pooper scooper.

Since we were able to find a piece from the tubing parts we’ve manufactured in the past, that meant that we were also able to save the client money since there was no need to produce a new mold for the piece.  Also, since Upsilon.Tech has a 100% QC rate, we were able to assure the client that they would get the product quality their clients expect.

If your product uses telescopic tubing and you’re looking to change suppliers for any reason, the 30+ years of experience that we have at Upsilon.Tech means that if we don’t already have a part that fits the needs of your product, we’re experts and custom making any part you need.


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